Tabernacle Baptist Church
Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Our History


Tabernacle Baptist Church was first organized as an independent Baptist Church on March 12, 1933, under the labors of Brother Ben D. Johnson. At that time he was also serving as the Pastor of an independent Baptist Church under the same name in Littlefield, Texas. Brother Johnson soon became the first Pastor of the young church in Lubbock.

In spite of the Great Depression, the new church, which at first was meeting in a private home, was soon enabled to purchase property near the downtown area in Lubbock. Twenty-two years later it was determined that a new location and a larger building would be beneficial to the ministry of the church. A portion of a cotton-field was purchased in 1955 and construction on a new building was begun. That November, before construction was completed, the very first church service was conducted in the new building. The location was 1911 34th Street, the same location of Tabernacle Baptist Church today.

Because of health reasons, Brother Ben D. Johnson resigned as Pastor on June 18, 1961. At the same time, Brother E. L. Bynum accepted the pastorate of the Church. He had served as one of the pastors from 1953 through 1961, except for one year while he labored as a church planter in Manhattan, Kansas. It was there that he organized and then briefly pastored Manhattan Baptist Temple before returning to Lubbock to assist Brother Johnson.

Under the ministry of E. L. Bynum, the church prospered spiritually in the Lord’s service. It was early in his pastorate that the church began to seriously undertake—and continue in—world-wide missionary endeavors. One of the highlights each year at Tabernacle Baptist church is the annual Bible/Missions Conference, first instituted in March of 1962. Pastors, preachers, and evangelists from around the world attend and preach at this conference.

On March 20, 2005, nearing the age of seventy-nine, Brother Bynum announced to the church that it was time for him to resign.  His resignation would take effect as soon as another pastor was called. He had served as Pastor for forty-four years, and had been in full-time service with the church for a total of fifty-one years. He made it clear, however, that though he was stepping down from the pastorate, he was not ending his ministry. Brother Bynum and his wife, Mrs. Betty Bynum, are still active members at Tabernacle Baptist Church.

After Brother Bynum's resignation from the pastorate, the Lord led the church to confirm Brother Bob Jackson to fill the office of pastor. Before Brother Jackson came to Lubbock, he labored many years as a missionary in Papua New Guinea; he also pastored Bible Baptist Church in Duncan, OK. Brother Jackson served as pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church from July 2005 to August 2008.

In 2009, the church confirmed Brother Jeremiah Sargent as the pastor. Before then, Brother Sargent had ministered and pastored in the State of Washington. He faithfully served as pastor of Tabernacle Baptist for 8 years before the Lord directed he and his family to Ohio.

Brother Bill Anker is now currently the Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church.

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